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Massively Speed Up Your Documents Creation and Editing Work

You will save time and money and prevent mistakes with Chansel document building and editing software

Our short and fun video introduction to Chansel

Are you regularly creating documents, such as:

  • Contracts, Flyers,  Sales / Tenancy / Employment Agreements,  Formal Emails
  • in fact any other documents, forms-completion and correspondence that your business or job depends on
  • Searching multiple documents for text?

By using Chansel you will:

  • Save money / time / stress
  • Safeguard your reputation by preventing mistakes
  • Improve morale

Chansel will make your document creation, editing and searching work ultra fast right away. No need for IT expertise. No fuss.
Use Chansel side-by-side with your regular word processor or editor. Chansel lets you build and edit your documents in fast and effective ways that word processors cannot.. Our quick and easy step-by-step tutorial will have you up and running in no time.

You use Chansel side-by-side with your regular word processor or editor. Chansel builds and alters documents in powerful, handy ways that word processors are not designed to do.

Are you an office worker, solicitor, lawyer, manager, real estate agent, recruitment agent or engineer? Greatly accelerate your documents creation, editing and searching work. Even if you consider yourself “bad with computers”, you can start using user-friendly Chansel right away.

Screenshot-Chansel v1.2.2 -home-jim-chansel-tutorial-estate-agent-flyer-tags-clip.docx-21

The Screenshot shows an example of Chansel in Action, creating an estate agent flyer.

A productive life is inexpensive

Chansel is only €13.60 / $15.30 / £9.99. If you are not 100% satisfied you get your money back, guaranteed. There is no rebilling and the licence duration is not less than one year. Download and use immediately

The Chansel Team

Chansel is the flagship title of Perfect SOA, a software development company based in the UK. Perfect SOA is staffed by a team of experts who bring with them many years of experience in providing specialist solutions for some of the world’s leading software companies. We offer support, training, services and consultancy for Chansel and document preparation.

So give us an example of how it works?

Say you’re a real estate agent wanting to create a contract for the sale of a property. You set up your document template (in standard word-processing software) by adding tags defined by you such as ADDRESS, HOUSE TYPE, and TERMS OF SALE. You can of course do this well in advance and have a library of templates in your system ready to go.

Open the template containing the place-holder “tags” in Chansel. You can then begin importing text or other media using Chansel to replace the tags. You can do this in several simple ways.

You can use “Channel Edit Mode” and create “channels” to add text or images to your document. A channel can be thought of as a pipe used to bring in existing elements, a paragraph of text, or an address, for example. The same Channels can be re-used any time across different documents. For example, if you want to re-use some legal fine print from a text doc, channels are a great way to re-use this text across many documents.

Screenshot-Chansel v1.2.2 -home-jim-chansel-tutorial-estate-agent-flyer-tags-clip.docx-17

Setting up document automation (which is optional) is done via a simple user interface, no scripting is required.

“Wizard mode” takes you step by step through a series of questions that ask what you want in your doc – then Chansel creates it.

In our real estate example, “Which city is the house located?” can be refined by a question like: “Which suburb?” This in turn can be followed by a further child question, such as: “Which street?”

The real world application of this is that documents can be completely generated by staff via a series of multi-choice questions. Quickly and error free. When you’re dealing with contracts… mistakes can be costly, financially and to your reputation. How easy is it to miss out a zero or put a decimal point in the wrong place? With Chansel — such errors can be a thing of the past.

Chansel has a powerful Documents Search Engine

Ever find that searching for documents based on words they contain doesn’t not find what you are looking for, or you end up staring at an hour glass for ages? Chansel comes with a powerful search engine built in. This enables you to search your documents with a lightening fast text search. Chansel Search also allows you to assign keywords to your documents and then find them by searching for the keywords. Chansel lets you retrieve pure text from your documents or retrieve copies of the documents themselves from Chansel’s fast “Big Data” database.

Chansel Search is worth the cost of the software in itself.

Support and Consultancy

  • Do you need support?
  • Do you need someone to prepare your documents for automation by Chansel? We can do that for you.
  • Do you need Chansel customised to suit your requirements? No problem! We can do that too.
  • Do you need PDF reports or similar generated automatically from documents or spreadsheets? We can deliver.

Contact us to find out more.

Speed Your Documents Work with Chansel!

Chansel runs on Windows 7 or later, with Mac and Linux installers on the way. It is easy to use, inexpensive and applicable to a huge range of professions. Think of the time you will save by eliminating repetitive manual creation of similar documents. You will save time and money by using Chansel!

I’D LIKE TO DOWNLOAD AND BUY CHANSEL NOW (No risk, money-back guaranteed if not fully satisfied. Download and use immediately).

I’D LIKE TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION – See also our Step-by-Step Guide.