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Chansel has an Ultra-Fast Document Search Engine

Like “Buy One Get One Free”, Chansel is actually two document products integrated as one. Chansel can be used to:

  • build, edit and automate documents
  • back-up, browse and search documents

This is an introduction to the latter.

Screenshot-Chansel Search v1.2.2-6-search-date

A screenshot of the Chansel document search engine (top left) and file browser (top right).

Chansel lets you import some or even all of your existing documents and text files. These can be documents, spreadsheets, plain text files, web pages and so on. The import process copies them into Chansel’s so-called “big data” repository. These copies are then available for later retrieval if needed and for lightening fast text searches
Over time documents and other files go missing, they vanishes or gets lost. For example documents end up getting lost on your file system or in “intranets” such as Sharepoint, never to be found ever again. Chansel can get save you hassle and prevents mistakes.

These features are something Chansel does in addition to document building and editing. It is a secret super power. Documents that you do work on in Chansel are also made available for searching. Chansel can even show you the edits (text replacements) you make within Chansel and when.

Chansel optimises storage for super-FAST text searching via its document search engine.

Also Chansel lets you browse your documents in an “explorer” – and at a click of the button you can see the raw text in Chansel. You can also save the raw text to a new file or save a copy of the original file (whether binary or text format) to a new file too.

For more information see the Chansel Search user guide.



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