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Our Poker Jive application generates PDF reports that show how players played hands in CASH GAMES in useful detail. (Tournaments are not supported at time of writing). Do particular opponents bluff or are they honest? Do they have bet-sizing tells? Poker Jive reports will tell you this about all your opponents and much more, in ways that perfectly complement and transcend stats numbers in a HUD.

Numbers in a HUD give a mathematical view but Poker Jive reports show you how a player plays so transparently you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Also with Poker Jive to remember these things, this drastically reduces the need to write notes on players’ habits, making the game more enjoyable. Poker Jive is doing that work for you, and much more.

Poker Jive is excellent for getting a handle on ranges in different situations, you can literally see them!

More on this soon.

Contact us on sales [AT] for more info.

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